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In my experience, conversations can be grouped into three levels.  Below are the definitions.  Your goal is to level up. 

Level 1:  

This is your most basic conversational level. It is what you use at work, with authority figures, or with random strangers that ask you questions.  This is the conversational level that teenagers use with their parent 95% of the time.  These conversations are usually heavily weighted with facts, but also carry plenty of bull-shit smelling pleasantries.  These conversations can also be spiked with the occasional humorous remark, but it must not exceed 3 on a scale of 1-10 if 10 is raunchy dark humor and 1 is a knock-knock joke.    

Level 2:  

Level 2 conversations are ones that touch on some real topics.  The bull shit meter is lowered, but there's still plenty of small talk and yes even some stray bull shit still mixed in.  There are many unsaid things in these conversations.  There are many unsaid jokes.  There are even some topics that are still not comfortably talked about.  These are conversations you would commonly have with day to day co-workers at happy hour, friends, golfing buddies, relatives that aren't "close", neighbors, etc. 

Level 3: 

Then there are level 3 conversations.  Unfortunately, these are conversations that some people may never have.  I guess maybe some people don't even know that these types of conversations are possible.  These conversations are meaty and there are no topics that are off limits.  Level 3 is the premium bacon of conversations; full of flavor, leaving you wanting for more, and when other people see you enjoying these level 3 conversations, they usually wish they had some too. 

Level 3 conversations are often rooted in dreams, shared experiences, fears, hopes, and values.  These conversations don't necessarily have to be serious topics either.  They can and often do involve hysterical laughter, and a back and forth banter that would have level 1 conversationalists nervous and maybe even thinking both parties were a little crazy.  These are conversations that are usually happening with those real close siblings, your kids, or parents if you are lucky enough to be that close to your parents, most spouses, and close friends.  And oddly enough a high percentage of Level 3 conversations seem to occur around camp fires, or within a small group of people that are sharing a certain level of suffering.  Level 3 conversations are as good as conversations can get... unless you were having a level 3 conversation with a naked Jessica Alba.  :)  If that were to happen, it might warrant an update to this page in order to invent a level 3.5.

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