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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

PCT - Day 13: 5/1/2018 - bees to buffet

Trail miles: 18.9 from 190.6 - 209.5
Miles hiked: 19.2
Weather Approaching
Today started out with freezing temperatures and me shaking ice off of my tent.

Mile 200
The day’s task was to descend about 6500 feet to the desert floor, not get stung by the bees at mile 202, and then make my way to I-10, where there was rumored to be trail magic.

I spent a good portion of my morning examining the changing plant life on the descent. To start, I had woken up and shaken ice off of my tent underneath huge pine trees and among large boulders. By mid-morning the desert flowers were everywhere.

Just shy of mile 202, I tucked in my shirt, put on gloves, and donned my head net. I walked briskly past a HUGE bees nest that was close enough to the trail to poke with a trekking pole. A few bees circled my head, but none felt me threatening enough to sting me.
Passing Killer Bee Hive
Lower on the trail, I again ran into Sabine. We been playing leapfrog on the trail since Mt Laguna. After getting water, we raced through soft sand and ferocious winds towards the interstate. The winds were downright brutal too. I guess that’s why there is wind farm here.

Sabine and I arrived at the interstate bridge and met a trail angel there who supplied cold soda, cold beer, and water.
Trail Magic

sign - under I-10
Weather was forecasted to turn worse, so we weighed our options and agreed to split a motel room in Cabazon. Per recommendation of the trail angel, we took an Uber to the Stagecoach Inn. This motel was the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen.  Our room had dirty sheets, a moldy mattress, standing water around the refrigerator, and no working outlets. We laughed at how big of a pile of shit this place was and got our $75 back and then took another Uber to the Morongo Casino where we found they did not have any rooms available, unless we wanted to pay $340 for a suite. Through a friend of Sabine’s we were introduced to Shank and Pocket Knife, who are a couple from Seattle. They graciously offered Sabine and I floor space in their room for $30 each. We jumped at this idea. I’m actually sleeping on the window sill!
Roughing it on the PCT
We showered and went straight to the buffet where we found at least 15 more hikers. I met Opera, Who’s Your Daddy, GQ, Bear Meat, Dry Bite, and others. We all had numerous plates of food including penne pasta with sausage & sun dried tomatoes, fried chicken, tortellini, and entire plate full of cookies and jello, etc.
Yea, buffet table!
Sabine and I survived an Uber driver that tried to go the WRONG WAY on the interstate. We also survived a motel that probably would have given us all hepatitis. And instead we ended up with a bunch of friends sharing laughs and listening to Opera sing beautifully in the dining area of the buffet.
Hiker Friends
I made some new friends tonight which makes me happy. I do feel a little bit bad though. Whiplash texted me tonight, and he’s sleeping under the I-10 bridge while I sleep in a warm hotel room.

Editor's Note:  I changed the font in this post to larger size.  My elder eyes has issues with the other font, which was considered 'normal'. We never want to be accused of being 'normal', instead ?I went for 'large'.  Feel free to comment your wishes.


  1. Looks good to me! Loving the blog. Keep 'em coming. -Glide

  2. I like the large size. Also, I like that Adam got through the bees!! Keep it up, big brother! I am sharing parts of your story with my students. I think of it as a geography lesson. Take care of that ankle!

  3. No post received for day 14. Did see the spot update last night, so the map is updated. Looks like Adam hiked about 16 miles on may 2

    Suspect he is an no cell area

  4. Tip for cell phone users: to see the map page hit the down arrow on the upper right, then select the PCT track Adam page.