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Monday, May 14, 2018

PCT - Day 25: 5/13/2018 - Happy Mother's Day

Trail miles: 20.1 from 410.3 - 430.4
Miles hiked: 20.3
Good Morning, PCT!
Dodging Poodle Dog Bush has now become second nature. We sidestepped a bunch of it over the first few miles. Chilly Bin, Ziploc, and I walked much of the day as a trio. 
Sidestepping Poodle Dog Bush
We walked eight miles to a water spigot at a fire station. There Chilly Bin and I tried our best to convince Ziploc to chill out a bit. She’s very focused on her schedule of getting to Canada on time which I completely understand.  And, I really believe in the “hike your own hike” mantra, but I also really think that Ziploc would benefit from relaxing her rigorous schedule and take time to enjoy the hike.
Making Miles
There will be plenty of days in Northern California and Oregon to make up a few miles here and there. Mostly, we all just like hiking with her and don’t want to see her disappear ahead of us.
Beauty of the Trail
After the water, we pushed uphill another six miles to a lunch spot. I was very grateful for our lunch break since the Achilles in my right ankle started hurting a lot just before we stopped. At lunch, we took a moment to compare who had the nastiest feet. This is a contest that is easily won by Chilly Bin. She’s been hiking in sandals for days. We even floated the idea of changing her trail name to Hobbit Hooves, but being a native of New Zealand, she argued that hobbits have feet, not hooves.
Nastiest Feet Contest
After lunch we knocked out the final few miles to a campground where we had agreed to meet Socks.

More views
At camp, we were joined by Opera, HoosierDaddy, Pacemaker, and Socks. We all boiled water and devoured at least 1000 calories a piece. We are all convinced that Pacemaker has a tapeworm since he ate five dinners tonight and was still hungry. We sat at a picnic table and ate dinner as a close family which is exactly what we are.

Trail Family
As the sun set, we passed around a bottle of whiskey that someone had brought. Now I’m now lying down to cowboy camp with Ziploc and Chilly Bin. It’s their first night cowboy camping on the PCT.
Cowboy Camping
Also, I found out that Linda (Opera’s Mom) is a fan of this blog. Thanks for reading Linda.   
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mothers out there, including mine.  Love you Mom!


  1. Love you too, Adam (excuse me, Circus Act). Love sharing the PCT with you, even if it's just reading about it. Some of the pictures of your trail family bring me back to the 60's and my youth. Lol.

  2. That picture of your tent with the light of the morning sun is wonderful. The feet pictures, however, is nasty.