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Friday, April 27, 2018

Day 8 - A dad wonders

Day 8 and there is no email  from Adam, yet.

Maybe he does not have an cell single to send it to me.  There was a spot received last night saying he was OK. I estimated he did 22 miles yesterday.  But... I wonder....

Remember the picture he took on day 7 in the field where there were cows blocking the tail?

trail cows waiting to be burgers

Remember that yesterday Adam reported: "...and ate a burger at the restaurant with the slowest service on the planet. It was a damn good burger; not as good as Carmen’s though."  

Well do you think it is possible that those two cows on the trail realized that Adam ate a bugger - in two locations?

Cow coversation

Do you think maybe they  followed him to his camp site and after he fell to sleep they ..... 

My imagination runs away with me.  

Cows can't operate a spot can they?

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