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Monday, April 30, 2018

PCT - Day 11: 4/29/19 - Idyllwild - zero day

Trail miles: 0
Miles walked around town: 2.2
Seen in downtown Idyllwild
Idyllwild is a great little hiker town. Everyone here is welcoming of PCT hikers. Hiker trash roams the streets everywhere you look.  The town is friendly too.  I walked into a store to buy a postcard and the lady just gave it to me for free after hearing we were PCT hikers. In Idyllwild, it’s even  completely acceptable for one to walk around the street while rolling a spliff.  Try that in Massachusetts.

I took a full zero day today. People like to think town days are for rest or partying. While there’s a little of that happening, mostly town days are for chores.

I went shopping and bought new Smart Water bottles, because I couldn’t remember which one I was using for dirty water, and I really don’t want to give myself girardia.  I also bought a new hat since I accidentally left my old hat at the water cache at mile 145.5. I then rolled over to the pharmacy to restock my dwindling supply of blister treatment stuff.

Message for Johanna
Back at the Idyllwild Inn, I cleaned my stove, scrapped dried lasagna cheese off my spork, flushed my water filter, downloaded updated water reports, charged everything, wrapped more duct tape around my trekking poles, repacked my bounce box, and ditched all my trash.
Thru-hiker hunger

After having ice cream for lunch, Whiplash and I planned how the hell we would get past the aggressive bees at mile 202. Our plan is to night hike it, and we may get lucky since that day is forecasted for colder temperatures and up to four inches of snow.

Bee warning text

I also managed to squeeze in a two hour nap today, which was the best sleep I’ve had in 11 days.

Unfortunately, town days also offer me a lot of time to think and to be homesick. I miss my family and my dogs. I even miss the people I work with and only see via video calls most days. I wonder what it’ll be like to miss an entire summer of Colorado sunsets.

Happy dog

Thus far the trail has tested me and given me a lot so far. Yet, there is still something I am looking for. I just don’t know what it is. I hope I find it before my swollen right ankle gets worse.


  1. Is that whiplash bitting into the burger? I truly enjoy reading these daily. Hope the ankle is well.

    1. Yep, that’s Whiplash. Ankle is being problematic, but thus far Vitamin I is doing the trick.

  2. Adam - happy zero day! We are here in Hatfield rooting for you! We send our love. Good luck w bees. I should have sent along my epipen. (Johanna, though it says I am anonymous)
    Btw, I like finding x, Dad.