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Sunday, April 22, 2018

PCT - Day 3: 4/21/18

PCT - Day 3: 4/21/18
Trail miles: 18.6 from 34.0 to 52.6
Miles hiked: 19.3

Right as I went to sleep last night, a guy startled me awake hiking down the trail singing “The water line” by Sage Francis. I never really got back to sleep. I tossed and turned and the stars kept me company.

The day’s hiking began at 6:20am. I was slogging along until I threw some music on. Bees chased me again, and with my chafing problem gone, I solo hiked the 8.5 miles to Mt. Laguna by 9:00am. I bummed around Laguna for a couple hours and got to take my first shower in a few days. I then picked up my resupply package and hit the trail again at 11:00am.

The weather was kind to us today. Thin wispy clouds blocked just enough of the sun to make it bearable. Lizards jumped out of the way as I lumbered through the desert chatting with Alon for a bit.

Lunch was at a roadside trailhead where shade seeking hiker trash consumed all available shade. We shared laughs as I personally put away about a 1500 calorie lunch.

After lunch, I loaded up with 6.5 liters of water to go along with my fresh resupply of food and zombie-hiked another 5.1 miles grueling hot trail, when shade was about as rare as a 3-legged dog. It exists, but to see one is rare.

I’m cowboy camping tonight, mostly because I give zero fucks about bugs, squirrels, or snakes crawling on me. I’m too tired to care. No tent means a quick escape in the morning before it gets too hot. I’ll be carrying about 6 liters of water and will try to cover a 25 mile stretch of trail that has no trustworthy water sources. The goal is to reach Scissors Crossing.

More of my toes have blisters now. I showered today and I’m already filthy again. I still can’t feel my right thigh. That all being said, I love this trail already. I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.

The map below shows Adam's campsite at the end of day 4:

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