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Friday, April 20, 2018

PCT - Day 1: 4/19/18

PCT - Day 1: 4/19/18
Trail Miles. 0.0 - 16.7
Miles: 17.5

It was about what you’d picture one’s first day on the PCT. My interactions with people have been mostly superficial thus far. It’s a bit more challenging for me since most everyone else met the previous night at a trail angel’s house and were shuttled to the trail head together.
Adam standing at southern terminus
At Southern Terminus

It was 40 degrees and windy at 
7 am, which made my goodbye with Siona go too quickly. I can only imagine her emotions while driving away from the Mexican border, having just dropped me off at the border fence knowing we won’t see one another for several months.

Once I was hiking, the miles ticked off quickly, and my normally racing thoughts were unusually silenced for the most part. For most of the day, the weather was overcast and rain with continuous wind. The rain was light and didn’t bother me really. I only took a couple of breaks all day and made camp at early at 2:15 pm about 16.7 miles in to allow my body to ease into this. The views were good today with the sun peeking it’s head out from time to time to give a richer tone to the color of the blooming desert.

I have a my first PCT blister already!! And you’ll never guess, but I’ve learned to breathe sand and dirt too!

Sarcasm aside, I’m finally back at it, and I couldn’t be happier. I am also very lucky to have received so much support from my family and friends. It’s so encouraging just knowing you’re all pulling for me. Thank you!

I’m trying to remember to have fun. I am fully embracing a saying from my buddy, Power Thighs, whom I met on the CT. Just before I started this hike, he said this “Last one to Canada wins!”.

Fun will have to wait a couple hours, for now is nap time (it’s only 3:35 pm). I sleep just so I can wake up and eat in a couple hours, watch a sunset, read my book, and go back to sleep.

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