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Thursday, April 26, 2018

PCT - Day 7: 4/25/18 - "Circus Act"

Trail miles: 17.5 from 101.1 - 118.6
Miles hiked: 20.5

Eagle Rock

I raced into Warner Springs for resupply this morning with a quick stop for a scramble up Eagle Rock.

Flip Flop (hiker feet)

In town, I ran into a guy named Flip Flop. He was apparently having problems with his shoes, so he hiked the last 65 miles in Walmart flip-flops. PCT hikers like this never quit.

65 miles this flip flop

Nearo1 days are full of chores. I tried to balance the chores with periods of fun.

As a side note, the people of Warner Springs are great. After giving myself a bucket shower and hand washing my clothes, and doing toe surgery to remove and ingrown toenail, I then volunteered an hour of my time and helped take trash out, post updated water reports in the hiker hut, etc. Whiplash and I then rolled into town thanks to a ride from a trail angel named Ghost and picked up my resupply package. I also sent home a few pieces of gear that I’m not using and ate a burger at the restaurant with the slowest service on the planet. It was a damn good burger; not as good as Carmen’s though.

hiker cows waiting to be burgers

Whiplash and I walked the 1.something miles back from town. We are both struggling with minor intestinal ailments. I really hope one of these shitty water sources didn’t contaminate me in some way. I have been filtering everything and treating the extra nasty sources with Aqua Mira. Mine stomach problems seems to ?maybe? be getting better. We’ll see tomorrow I guess.

I also received a trail name today. My name is now Circus Act. When I was walking into town, I was juggling my trekking poles because I have slowly morphed into a trekking pole trick artist. This is a trail boredom addiction I have embraced thanks to my buddy Power Thighs from the CT. Anyways, a town local saw me and she said “Is your name Juggler?” I just smiled and laughed. Later that afternoon, apparently the story of my mountain lion encounter has been spreading in the thru hiker community, so when I was packing up my backpack, a girl walked by and said “Hi Cougar Tamer”. I smiled and explained the name “Cougar Tamer” could be taken a couple different ways so I politely rejected that name too. Then when I was walking out of town and ran into the same local. I told her that I am apparently a “Juggler” and a “Lion Tamer”, and then I also mentioned my wife suggested the name “Clown shoes” since I’m wearing two different color shoes. She then said, “That all just sounds like a Circus Act”. So I guess I’m Circus Act now.

I rolled out of town about 3pm and was quickly joined by Ranger. We covered just over nine more miles and we plopped our tents down just after sunset. This was in addition to the 8.5 we did in the morning.

Ranger is a quality guy with values, integrity, and class. And the guy is a hiking machine! He said this 17.5 mile day is the shortest day he’s done thus far. He’s 62 years old and his fitness level puts me to shame.

I’ve made a Saturday hotel reservation in Idyllwild. I have to cover 64 miles before then.

Side note: I weighed myself in Warner Springs. I haven’t lost a single pound yet. Guess I need to push more miles.

1.Nearo  or Nero (noun): Nearly a Zero. A day when you only hike very few miles. Neros often occur when a thru-hiker arrives in a trail town and needs to take care of resupply, laundry, and other town activities before heading back on the trail.


  1. How can you call that day a nearo when you hiked 20 miles??

    1. Good point. I guess I get confused when a town stop is involved.